How long does Putin's Lucky Star, Spica, shine on communicative Mercury?

Putin narrowly survived a raging crowd.

Putin and Venus

Putin has his Sun in Libra. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, which has everything to do with making social contacts and how we relate to the world. People who are tuned in to Venus have a certain charisma and are attuned to people, with the ability to “play” them and reach masses. Hitler was also tuned in to Venus and was able to bend an entire nation to his will.

December 5th 1989, Dresden

On December 5th, a crowd stormed a KGB post just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Secret agent Putin was in charge of the post. What do you do when you see an angry crowd coming for you? You barricade the door and call for help from headquarters. However, no help came, and Putin was left alone. In other words, you have to take action before they catch you.

Transit Uranus

Transit Uranus sextile Putin’s Ascendant, which was 1 degree apart on that day, shows what happened. This transit literally means sudden changes in personal life with an immense desire for freedom.

Secondary Saturnus

Secondary Saturn was sextile his radix Pluto during that period. It represents blocked energy that erupts similar to being in a black hole. The same Saturn was also sextile his MC, representing a significant responsibility.

Controling the crowd

It takes courage, bravery, and a lot of bluffing to confront an angry crowd with a small group of people. This is where Putin’s talent comes in. He has the talent to control a crowd by threatening them with guns, which is a lot of bluffing. Putin has a lot of air in his birth chart, mainly bluffing, but he can control and manipulate people.

Mars in action

Primary Mars was in Aquarius, and secondary Mars was in Capricorn, incredibly powerful, square to his Ascendant that day in his third house of communication. Despite the difficulty that a square brings, Mars was ready for him. Putin’s rising sign is Scorpio, where transit Mars was that day, and we should not forget transit Pluto, which can cause a lot of commotion in his own sign. These two planets were conjunct in his first house, with his Pluto on his MC in the tenth house, in the sign of Leo.
If you want to have power over the world, this is the omen.


That it would be a drama on that day, is written in the planets, with transit Saturn opposing Chiron, a clear indication that something dramatic is about to happen. Putin’s sun and moon are also notable on that fateful day. Transit sun is exactly in the degrees of his own sun. And his moon and secondary moon are also in the exact same degrees, connected to transit moon in his 4th house (making sure you get home safe) in connection with his ascendant.

"It is written in the stars."

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